How SIMS Works SIMS Foundation

How SIMS Works

The SIMS Foundation provides access and financial support for mental health and addiction recovery to Austin music professionals and their family members. SIMS clinicians can provide short-term counseling and match you to one of 70+ therapists, psychiatrists, or addiction recovery partners in our SIMS Provider Network for ongoing treatment. Call the SIMS Confidential Client Line, 512-494-1007, and speak to one of our licensed therapists about SIMS services.


To be eligible for SIMS mental health or substance abuse services, you must be:

  • a working music professional, or the immediate family member of the music professional. SIMS defines working music professional as earning at least a part of your income from Austin’s music industry – musicians, sound engineers, lighting techs, band managers, venue owners and more;
  • residing in Travis, Bastrop, Williamson, Burnet, Blanco, Hays, or Caldwell counties.

Step 1: Click on “CLIENT FORMS”

If you would like to apply for SIMS-sponsored Mental Health or Addiction services, click on this Client Forms page, where we ask you to fill out the Client Intake form, entering demographic and other personal information that is kept private and protected by our secure client data system.

Next, we ask you to fill out, sign, and submit three additional online forms. Two of the forms are “informed consent” documents required by law. The third form is a personal statement of your residential address and your total household income. Please list your adjusted gross income from all sources, just as it is shown on your most recent tax return. If you are a HAAM client, the income statements you provide for both HAAM and SIMS should be the same.

Step 2: Eligibility and Clinical Interview

Within one business day of submitting your client forms, SIMS will contact you to either schedule or go ahead and complete your eligibility and clinical interviews. This is usually done by telephone and takes about half an hour. We will ask you about your status as a working music professional (your music career, your contacts in the industry, about how many performances you play in a given year, recordings you have sold or played on, etc.). The licensed therapist will also ask you some questions about the problems you are experiencing and their history, so that we can refer you to the provider and the kinds of therapies that could best help you.

We ask for this information for two reasons; to qualify you as eligible for SIMS membership, and also to assign you a fair, affordable co-payment for the services you get. SIMS services are not free. All clients are expected to pay something towards their care.

Step 3: Clinical Assessment

After establishing your eligibility for SIMS services, we conduct a brief clinical assessment to better understand your needs for mental health or substance abuse services. As stated in our Privacy Practices, this information is held in confidence and will be shared only with the authorized SIMS treatment provider to whom you are referred, and only to the extent necessary to find you the best, most appropriate help for your needs.

Step 4: Referral & Case Management

Within the same 30-minute call, your intake and clinical assessment will help SIMS clinicians decide the best match between you and a SIMS Provider in the community. SIMS will provide contact information for the provider and process paperwork for your referral. Your initial eligibility with SIMS is good for twelve months; clients must re-enroll annually, on or prior to each anniversary of your enrollment date. It is critically important to keep your membership current to prevent any interruption in your services.

SIMS clinicians will check in with you periodically to ensure the best outcomes of your treatment. Quality of care is a core value of the SIMS Foundation.


Call the Confidential Client Line at 512-474-1007 with any questions you might have about becoming a SIMS client.