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Stay connected to your loved one in recovery

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SIMS has partnered with CareFlash to provide a free tool for those in recovery who want to stay connected with their family and friends for support and encouragement during a difficult time. CareFlash is like a private Facebook community that anyone can create to share photos, encouraging messages, progress updates, and plans for transition from treatment. CareFlash is free and designed specifically for loved ones to connect around the care for someone in their family or community.

Features of your CareCommunity

Free and Invitation-only – Your free CareCommunity is kept private and password-protected. Send invitations to the folks who will build a strong support group for your loved one.

iHelp calendar – Update your friends and family with opportunities to help with the digital task calendar. Organize events, post needs, and send out email alerts to enlist helpers.

Social Sharing – Create a audio-visual storyline of the person at the heart of your CareCommunity. Social Sharing is an interactive, collaborative approach to telling a life story. Post pictures and record memories in your voice with the app’s embedded microphone.

Photo page – Upload photos to your CareCommunity.

Individualized spiritual content – Each CareCommunity member has private access to a library of spiritual recordings. Depending on spiritual preference, listen to personalized prayers, text readings, and sermons.