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Communities for Recovery

SIMS Foundation is proud to partner with Communities for Recovery to ensure that our clients have many options for support. Communities for Recovery offers peer recovery coaching and hosts a variety of recovery groups throughout the week.


Peer recovery support

Peer recovery support is social support and wellness recovery planning offered by a person with lived experience, who supports and guides another person to achieve, sustain, or enhance their own recovery.

Social support can include:

  • Emotional Support: person-centered mentoring to bolster confidence and self-esteem
  • Informational Support: knowledge and information and/or skills training
  • Instrumental Support: help accomplish tasks such as accessing services
  • Affiliational Support: connections with people in recovery to create a sense of belonging

Recovery wellness planning determines:

  • Goals: a person’s needs, hopes, wishes, and dreams
  • Challenges: the obstacles, barriers, and stigma of addiction
  • Strengths: the assets, relationships, and recovery capital to leverage and enhance recovery
  • Plans: the action steps to overcome challenges and achieve goals

Peer Recovery Coaches guide a person to work towards his or her goals but do not work on a specific program or therapy. They are not sponsors, caseworkers, or clinicians. They are peers who have been there and can help a client establish and maintain a foundation to be successful.

SIMS is not a 24-Hour crisis line. If you are in crisis, please call 512-472-HELP or 911.

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