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SIMS Provider Network

SIMS Foundation built a network of more than 100 licensed mental health providers in the Austin area to serve clients with a full array of mental health and recovery support services. Over our 20-year history, SIMS has developed trusted relationships with a range of practitioners to best fit the needs of clients: therapists, psychiatrists, substance use specialists and recovery support professionals. SIMS is committed to ensuring our providers are diverse in age, gender, race, approach, cultural competency, and location.

Be a SIMS provider

Members of the SIMS Provider Network have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and stressors of the Austin music industry. SIMS providers see clients directly in their own offices, form long-term therapeutic relationships, and coordinate client care in collaboration with SIMS staff clinicians.

SIMS providers share a passion for music and the Austin music family. Their SIMS partnership offers a meaningful way to give back to our community.

Learn More about joining the SIMS Provider Network.

Members of the SIMS Provider Network

SIMS is not a 24-Hour crisis line. If you are in crisis, please call 512-472-HELP or 911.

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