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SIMS Provider Network

SIMS Foundation built a network of more than 130 licensed mental health providers in Central Texas to serve clients with a full array of mental health and recovery support services. Over our 27-year history, SIMS has developed trusted relationships with a range of practitioners to best fit the needs of clients: therapists, psychiatrists, substance use specialists and recovery support professionals. SIMS is committed to ensuring our providers are diverse in age, gender, race, approach, cultural competency, and location.

Members of the SIMS Provider Network have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and stressors of the music industry. SIMS providers see clients directly in their own offices, form long-term therapeutic relationships, and coordinate client care in collaboration with SIMS staff clinicians.

SIMS providers share a passion for music and the music community. Their SIMS partnership offers a meaningful way to give back to our community.

Learn More about joining the SIMS Provider Network.

Members of the SIMS Provider Network

Joann Martilloti-Cartwright
Jobi Weinstein
Joshua Langohr
Julia Fazio
Kara Hartzell
Karen Finley Breeding
Kate Sheddan
Kelli Hansen
Kelly Gadbury
Kendall Campbell
Kery Rowden
Kim May
Kirk VanLaningham
Krystal Felan
Lee Ann Cameron
Leeann Terwilliger
Leigh Tenhet
Leslie Larson
Leslie Tourish
Lisa Arronge
Lisa Terrazas
Lisa Thaler
Loretta Macias
Lynn Zipoy
Madeleine Azar
Mandi Roarke
Marian Thompson
Marissa Sanchez
Mark Odhner
Martha Pulkingham
Marvin Hughes
Mary Combs
Mary Firme
Megan McDonald
Meghan Burgess
Meghan Martin
Melissa Hargrave
Melissa Wilson
Meredith Tompkins
Merri Isom
Michael Hegener
Michael Romero
Michelle Vavich
Molly Brake
Monica Garifas
Nicole Brogdon
North Austin Sober Living
Patty Evers
Peter Stuart
Peyton English
Rachel Stein
Rebecca Butler
Rebecca Kalomiris
Rebecca Kanady Huston
Recovery Centered Living
Recovery Unplugged
Richard Yu
Rosa Tupina
Ruben “RJ” Garcia
Sandra Dunkin
Sarah Francis
Sarah White
Seton Mind Institute
Shannon Haragan
Shawna Williams
Shelly Hogan
Simran Arora
Stephanie Johnson
Susan Kearney
Susan Long
Susanna Wetherington
Suzanne Camos
Tiffany Allen
Tom Umberger
Tracey McCullick
Tressie Seegers
Vickie Schafer
Yamel Sandoval

SIMS is not a 24-Hour crisis line. If you are in crisis, please call 512-472-HELP or 911.

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