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Yoga Therapy

SIMS Foundation is thrilled to partner with Yoga Yoga to offer musicians and music industry professionals new tools for mental wellness. SIMS clients can now explore additional pathways to mental well-being using alternative therapies in combination with the traditional SIMS services.


The following Yoga Yoga services are available to SIMS clients:

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy empowers individuals to take charge of their own health by incorporating manageable practices into their daily lives. These practices integrate time-tested yogic wisdom and tools, current applied research, and the science of behavior change. This therapeutic approach is making major breakthroughs in mainstream healthcare as a powerful, non-invasive, and cost-effective complement to Western medicine.

Yoga Therapy has been shown to improve conditions including:

  • back & neck pain
  • joint pain & other movement issues
  • disc & spinal conditions
  • injury recovery
  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • digestive disorders
  • anxiety & depression
  • PTSD, trauma & grief recovery
  • insomnia
  • post-surgery recovery
  • support during cancer treatment
  • neurological disorders (stroke, MS, Parkinson’s)
  • autoimmune disorders

Yoga Therapy will be used to augment traditional mental health and substance use services coordinated by SIMS clinical staff.

Free Yoga Classes

Yoga Yoga has generously designated three yoga classes as FREE for SIMS clients each week

Tuesday, 12 Noon

Gentle Yoga
North location
2167 W Anderson Ln

Wednesday, 12 Noon

Westgate location
4477 S Lamar Blvd #420

Thursday, 12 Noon

Gentle Yoga
North location
2167 W Anderson Ln


SIMS clients pay just $7 per class for all other Yoga Yoga classes. This discount applies for any yoga class at any Yoga Yoga location.

Discount on Yoga Workshops

Additionally, all SIMS clients will receive a 20% discount on all Yoga Plus workshops.

How to Participate

Yoga Therapy and yoga classes are available for all SIMS clients.

Please contact SIMS Clinical line at 512-494-1007 to learn more about Yoga Therapy and receive authorization for Yoga Therapy sessions.

To participate in the free, $7 yoga classes, and 20% off workshops, call SIMS to get discount payment codes. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your class to present your payment code. DISCOUNT PAYMENT CODES MUST BE PRESENTED IN PERSON BEFORE CLASS AND NOT ONLINE.

Not a SIMS client yet?

Contact us to get started! Contact SIMS with questions.

SIMS Foundation is grateful to Yoga Yoga for this extraordinary opportunity to bring yoga, meditation, and Yoga Therapy to our Austin music family.

SIMS is not a 24-Hour crisis line. If you are in crisis, please call 512-472-HELP or 911.

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